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Introducing SZEPLAST Windows

Our Group started manufacturing the SZEPLAST brand of doors and windows in 1997.

We currently design, manufacture, sell, and install doors, windows, balcony doors, curtain walls, glass walls, winter gardens, etc. We can even hire subcontractors and include third party products to meet your special requirements and give you turnkey solutions. We are the leading manufacturer of plastic doors and windows in our region. Our doors and windows are used in large private and government projects as well as by the general public.

Our Group has a 17-hectare (42-acre) manufacturing site and an experienced staff that is capable of manufacturing nearly 15,000 doors and windows a year.

SZEPLAST products are made with high quality materials and manufactured onsite to strict specifications.

They are sophisticated, eco-friendly, and energy saving. All these benefits are made possible by our most valuable asset: our experience and painstaking attention to detail. The glass panes in our doors and windows represent advanced technology and feature excellent thermal and sound insulation properties to meet increasingly stringent energy conservation and security requirements.

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