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When choosing doors and windows, you first need to identify your selection criteria. These may include their direction of opening (as determined by the space available behind the product), their distance from the next window or door, and handling ease. We have developed a wide product range so that you can select the doors and windows that best meet your criteria.

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  • Bukó-toló ajtó
  • Emelő-toló ajtó
  • Erkélyajtó
  • Erkélyajtó szúnyoghálóval
  • Kétszárnyú ablak vagy erkélyajtó középen nyíló, egyik oldalon buktatható
  • Kétszárnyú ablak erkélyajtó középen nyíló, mindkét oldalon buktatható
  • Nyitó-bukó ablak
  • Redőny
  • Szúnyogháló



Our custom production allows us to make windows in an infinite variety, limited only by technical parameters. Our design experts can help you tailor single/double/picture casement, split, divided, etc. windows exactly to your needs.

Balcony and terrace doors


Balcony and terrace doors need to satisfy two basic requirements: they should be easy to open and provide safe and effective insulation. As a result of their superior materials, SZ-PLAST’s solutions meet both of these requirements. Their ease of operation, stable closure, and excellent heat insulation allows for their use on large wall areas.

Front doors


Safety and appearance are the two key selection criteria for front doors. We can offer you front doors with a variety of safety grades and operating mechanisms.
With regard to their appearance, your choice is virtually limitless. We can give you whatever color, glass type, trim panel, patterns, etc. you want.

Mosquito screen systems


With a new door or window you want to make sure that bugs will stay outside. To keep them out, we offer various mosquito screen systems for your windows and balcony or terrace doors.



We recommend that you identify the kind of blinds you wish to install in your home even before you order the windows. We can offer you various types and forms, in various colors, and with or without electrical actuators.